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When ordering replacement parts for your equipment, we will likely require the model number and serial number of the unit. The serial number location depends on the product. For John Deere engines, you'll find the serial number on a sticker located on the rocker cover (sample: PE6068U000000). Kubota engines have a sticker located on the rocker cover, but also have the model and serial stamped into the casting near the injection pump (sample: V3307 - 8FS1234). Ford engines have a sticker on the rocker cover (sample: S123456). Pumps have an identification plate riveted to the body (sample: 14 FRBH - B1234567-8) Funk units have a bolted plate with model, serial and specification numbers on it (sample: YZM123C45678).

For parts orders / enquiries, please call 800 263-5011, email parts@m-k.com, or fax us at 905 890-6660

Mike Checchia, Terry Moraghan and Kyle Fernandez

Mike Checchia, Terry Moraghan and Kyle Fernandez

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