Between Bearing Pumps


Long life and high efficiency performance in the world’s most critical services characterize

this highly engineered range of pumps. Capable of reaching massive flow rates and

pressures, single and double-case designs are designed for continuous operation, often

un-spared. Extended uptime is achieved through rugged rotor designs that carefully

account for mechanical and hydraulic balance. Energy savings realized from a huge range

of hydraulic options keep operating costs in check.

Overhung Pumps


Reliable, efficient performance across a full range of applications, from highly aggressive

chemicals and solids to high-temperature process applications: that’s what’s engineered

into every Flowserve overhung pump. Our global customers will find a range of metallic

and non-metallic pumps built to every important global standard. Extended life is achieved

through careful attention to details, from critical impeller clearances to mechanical seal

operating environments to rugged power end bearing arrangements. Plus, maintenance-friendly

features help get pumps back in service quickly.

Positive Displacement Pumps


Reliable performance in tough applications is achieved through robust power transmission

and heavy-duty liquid ends for every Flowserve positive displacement pump. Our versatile

range of diaphragm, gear and screw configurations helps customers avoid costly upfront

costs with durable, high-speed designs. Long service intervals that keep plants running

are the norm, even in ultra-high viscosity and multi-phase fluid applications.

Side Channel Pumps


For problem-free, low-flow, high-head pumping under unfavourable suction conditions, our

SIHI side channel pumps routinely deliver in the most difficult applications. In addition to

being self-priming, innovative side channel hydraulics ensure superior process control and

gas-handling capability, especially when pumping liquids at their boiling points or with

entrained gas. Cost of ownership is kept low by excellent hydraulic efficiency, simplified

maintenance and a high degree of parts interchangeability.

Specialty Pumps


When customers need absolute reliability in specialty applications, they draw on our proven

engineering and development capabilities. Our reputation for reliability is exemplified by

a nuclear heritage that features ASME Section III, Class 1 products performing reliably in

primary coolant and other essential applications globally. Energy recovery devices save

desalination plants millions of dollars in operating costs. Offshore platforms are guided by

our massive thrusters, and our proprietary systems control critical reactions and processes

in refineries around the world.

Vertical Pumps


The global requirement for vertical pumps is diverse. The Flowserve portfolio reliably

addresses the vast majority, from general industrial products to massive systems used in

power generation and oil and gas. Designed to critical global standards, these pumps meet

customer energy savings goals with their extensive hydraulic options that precisely meet

operating requirements. Long-life performance in aggressive media is achieved with nonmetallic

and erosion-resistant wet ends for many designs.

Magnetic Drive Pumps


 The INNOMAG U-MAG fluoropolymer-lined, magnetic drive pump provides exceptional safety, performance and value in general purpose chemical process and smaller volume pumping applications in a wide variety of industries. This versatile, compact pump offers outstanding leakage protection for compliance with environmental regulations or “clean floor” initiatives. An available high-purity configuration makes it ideal for applications demanding the strictest purity requirements. Dependable and easy to maintain, the U-MAG will deliver years of reliable, cost-effective service. 

Heat Exchangers

Umax® Advanced Ceramic


Umax® shell and tube heat exchangers utilize Umax advanced ceramic tubing, coupled with PTFE tube sheets and corrosion resistant o-rings; resulting in the industry’s most corrosion resistant heat exchanger. 

Impervite® shell and tube


CG Thermal’s Impervite® shell and tube heat exchangers are designed to be the “work horse” of the industry. Utilizing our proprietary grade of phenolic impregnated graphite it offers excellent service life in corrosive condensing, vaporizing, absorbing, heating and cooling applications. Compared to other graphite heat exchanger designs it has competitive capital investment cost, high reliability, and high return on investment. 

Impervite® Multi-Blox™


The Multi-Blox™ heat exchanger by CG Thermal is designed for your most demanding processes. We use some of the longest blocks in the industry, reducing gaskets, eliminating potential leak paths and eliminating troublesome point loading. We use wide process/service hole spacing to minimize operating stresses within the unit. Design pressures up to 150 psig (10kg/m²). 

Impervite® Cubic Block


Impervite® cubic block heat exchangers offer the maximum heat transfer area in the smallest envelope size. In high fouling applications, easy access to both process and service holes make cleaning convenient and simple. Our cubic design is very well suited for inter-changer applications.

Impervite® is a composite material consisting of a graphite substrate impregnated using a proprietary phenolic impregnation process. Impervite is ideally suited for processing mixed acids, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, nitric acid, waste acids, and chlorinated hydrocarbons. It has excellent machining, physical, and thermal properties.



CG Thermal fully understands the specialized needs of the markets and customers that we serve, many whom demand custom-designed equipment to meet highly-corrosive process and/or plant conditions.

Along with their superior chemical resistance, fluoropolymers also provide thermal stability, high purity, non- bonding surfaces, and thermal and electrical insulation. Combining the above with metal and rigid structural materials, fluoropolymers provide a cost effective alternative to glass lined and exotic metal construction. 


Get the right part...


When ordering replacement parts for your equipment, we will likely require the model number and serial number of the unit. The serial number location depends on the product. Most pumps have an identification plate riveted to the body (sample: 14 FRBH - B1234567-8)

For parts orders / enquiries, please call 800 263-5011, email parts@m-k.com, or fax us at 905 890-6660

Mike Checchia, Terry Moraghan and Kyle Fernandez

Mike Checchia, Terry Moraghan and Kyle Fernandez